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Oh My God!

I found this quote this morning and had to stop and say Amen!

Don't you just want to yell out, "Preach, Preacher!"  I have not heard anyone lay out exactly what women really want in such a simple, yet dead on way.  Desire.  That's it.  

Oprah and I talked about it this week on her show as we had both read The New York Times  article on "what women really want" a couple months back.   And again; if you strip away all the science, technology, research, graphs, pharmaceuticals, apparatuses, etc. it will still come down to one word: DESIRE.   

Here's the real skippy...nothing makes a woman walk straighter, stand taller or sway deeper than when our mate looks at us with passion, with feeling, with a "wanting" that says "baby, you look like the last porkchop on the plate!" I'm serious; and any woman who tells you different is straight up lying or still trying to pretend she wants to be all things to herself.  

Well right now, I not trying to be all things.  I just glad I'm "Miss Thang" to him.  

(To read the NY Times Magazine article referenced...just click on NY Times above.  Warning: this article is very intense...and it may give you more information about your sexuality than you think you're ready to handle...but breathe and at least open your mind to the theory.)


  1. I agree. Every woman wants their SO to want them and make them feel like they're the most beautiful, funny, sexy and intelligent woman in the world. The quote is perfectly said.

    I guess that's where a lot of men and women misunderstand each other because we have some different desires and needs.

  2. Now, I try to read the Times every day (I'm still learning to get it into my rhythm) but I've got to say, that was quite an interesting read. I also have something quick that I thought about when I read your quote, that I suppose I'll share.

    It is toooooo true that the desire of the woman is to BE desired, but what happens if we, as women, make the decision to remove that need from our minds? No longer seeking to be desired? What would change in our lives? Do we no longer go to extremes putting on makeup? Do we lose the motivation to stay in shape? Do we stick the high heels and sassy dresses in the back of our closets? I fear that we may do too much in hopes that it has an effect on something that we can't control... and that's no bueno.

    Sorry for the rant. Loved the post. :)


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