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Children are our most valuable natural resource.
-Herbert Hoover

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  1. Children are indeed precious. They are our way of planting seeds and painting pictures in the future. If we want to know what our future is going to be like, take a look at our children. i remember growing up back home in Jamaica how parents would make huge sacrifices for their children. This was done out of love but, there was also a price tag involved. Parents were not ashamed to make it known that they expected love in return and ecause there was no grand social security to collect at the end of retirement, children were obligated to take care of their parents. In effect children were our "pension plans." a person's worth as an individual in the community was also judged based on whether or not they were contributing to the wellbeing of their parents. This has been the cycle for many years and to these children taking care of their parents is a privilage and joy regardless of the challenges. I say this to say that even though I am not advocating this as the only reason to do right by our children, if we take care of them they will take care of us. I worked in a nursing home for a few months and I was deeply saddened wheneveer I came across residents who had several children and not one of them would see it fit to visit or bring them anything. I often wonder what was wrong this might not be the case across the board but I say a good judge of the kind of parent you are is if after your children are grown they still want you around in their lives. We need to go to battle for our children and take the time to protect and listen to them. Poverty cannot be an excuse. As adults, the things that carve a smile on our face and touch us most when we think of our parents and grandparents is not the "pony" they gave us for our birthday, it is when we remember the times they spent with us holding us listening and talking to us protecting us and making us know that we are important, we matter.


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