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Star Jones
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Good Morning Father! 

Glory to God on this beautiful and blessed day.  

I thank you God for another week in your service.  Thank you for the privilege of calling myself your child.  Thank you for the hope that you have put into my heart for better days and a bright future.  Father, you gave me the greatest gift in the sacrifice of your son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

Please continue to work with me and on me so that I might be worthy of your gift and his sacrifice.  Strengthen my spirit Father, crank up my courage, reinforce my resolve, toughen my trust, intensify my intellect, bolster my boldness and fortify my faith, so that I may build upon my blessings.  

Father, please continue to shine your light on a world that at time is so dark.  Please bring peace to those who are searching for answers.  Father, I ask that you bring your loving touch into the lives of those who need you. Illuminate their minds Father so that they too can know the joy of faith.  

I bless your holy name for the confidence to walk boldly into this next week in obedience knowing that you love me and walk with me because as  your word told me, "I am the head...and not the tail." You promised to give me "the desires of my heart" if I would only trust and delight myself in you.  Hallelujah!

Father, I offer up these humble word of praise to you because you are worthy of praise. Your goodness and mercy has saved my soul and I thank you for comfort of the Holy Spirit and the gift of Jesus Christ who has brought joy into my heart and into my life. 

It is because of you that I walk by FAITH...not by sight.  Amen

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