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Star Jones
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As I told you last week, tonight is the "Figure Skating with the Stars" Gala in Central Park that will benefit an organization close to my heart, "Figure Skating in Harlem." This is an organization that provides girls with vital educational and skating opportunities that build self-confidence, promote physical well being and emphasizes academic achievement. Every day these young girls get the opportunity to "shine on the ice", so they can take that "can do it spirit" into their futures.

As with all non-profit organizations that service the community, we exist largely on donations from corporations and friends. As you probably have read here on the blog and elsewhere, one of the auction items for our "Figure Skating with the Star's" Gala is a "Lunch with Star and Rosie." Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall! Well you can. Take your butt to the website and bid. Remember, it is for the kids!

For more information on "Figure Skating in Harlem" or how to bid on "Lunch with Star and Rosie"...just click on the words and it will take you to the link.

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  1. Hi Star,

    Greetings and Blessing to you. One of your followers, Audrey has picture of a woman with her breast exposed as her pic. Freedom of expression is wonderful but that may be offensive to some, particularly when you may and probably do have young girls following your blog. This is a very positive blog.


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