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Star Jones
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Today is the the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!
-Psalm 118:24

Opening the day with prayer is my way of talking to God; and listening to what HE has to say to me.  In my constant quest to walk on this path of life; I admit that I question his plan...and sometimes don't understand it right away.  But when the Holy Spirit opens my heart to actually hear what God is saying and opens my eyes to actually see how God is moving in my life; then I get it.  LETTING GO and LETTING GOD is a popular thing to say...but it is a much more powerful thing to do.  So here is my prayer today friends...

"Lord, I thank you for this amazing week of blessings, trials, tribulations, joys, heartaches, ups and downs.  Another week of life in your service is the greatest blessing I could have received and I rejoice in knowing that you are in control of all things.  Please Father, continue to open my eyes to see YOUR plan and give me the strength and courage to allow YOU to work in my life to make it all come to fruition. Help me get out of my own I can be all that you would have me be.  This I ask in your precious son, Jesus' name...Amen."

Please add yours so that we all may be blessed with the unifying spirt of the Lord.


  1. Hi Star

    You have a lot of encouraging words on this sight and it's easy to see that you are a believer. You also have a lot of followers who have remained fans of yours. It might be nice to acknowledge some of their thoughts, comments and well wishes on your blog.

  2. Thank you so much for this blessing that you've posted. It blesses me in a way I hope my words bless you. Star


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