Star Jones

Star Jones
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Edward M. Kennedy...Rest in Peace

Thank you Ted Kennedy for your service to our country and our world.

This man born of privilege & wealth spent his life working for those without either.

Exactly what God calls us to do.

Sisterhood Saturday

Today I'm doing some special "Sisterhood Saturday" shoutouts to women who make the world a better place. Why,because it's always better to show love, support & thanks to other women, rather than hatoration!

OPRAH: She don't have to...but she does...and she deserves the kudos, thanks and appreciation for her efforts!

HILLARY CLINTON: Globally representing on the regular, breaking ALL the glass ceilings...& handling her "business" the way SHE wants to!

MICHELLE OBAMA: Walking with and beside her man, elevating the game of sisters EVERYWHERE and inspiring ALL of us to step up our games!

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: The greatest world news correspondent male or female...makes us aware, keeps us informed & opens our eyes to the world!

And a very special "shoutout" to MOTHERS who can make a meal out of a white potato, hear your thoughts, correct you from across the room & will love you when no one else does!

A Mother

A Mother is one who understands the things you say and do

Who always overlooks your faults and sees the best in you
A Mother is one whose special love inspires you day by day.
Who fills your heart with gladness in her warm and thoughtful way.
A Mother is all these things and more - the greatest treasure known.
And the dearest Mother in all of the world is the one I call my own.

Note: Click on the individual names to find out more about these phenomenal sisters!

Sisterhood Saturday: For All of Us

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So love the people who treat you right.
Love the ones who don't just because you can.
Believe everything happens for a reason
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Kiss slowly.
Forgive quickly.
God never said life would be easy.
He just promised it would be worth it.

Thought For The Day...

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says~~
"Oh Crap, She's up!"


Thought For The Day...Fun

"Love puts the FUN in together,
the SAD in apart,
and the JOY in a heart.

Thought For The Day...

"If Barbie is so popular...
why do you have to buy her friends!"


Sisterhood Saturday: The Honorable Justice Sonya Sotomayor!

Special Sisterhood Saturday Shoutout to
The Honorable Justice
Sonya Sotomayor.

Today, the first Latina woman was sworn in as an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court. Tonight, little girls who are persons of color will have another box they can check off on their list of "What I want to be when I grow up!"

Click here to watch Justice Sotomayor take the oath of office.


Tell it Like It Is Thursday: Consistent Fairness...

I'm sure many of us read the story about the four women in Wisconsin who allegedly lured, held, beat and tortured a man in a motel room after finding out he was cheating on his wife (one of the women charged) with several other women (some of the women charged). As the print and broadcast media reported the story, the salacious details of how this man (disgusting he may be) had his private parts glued to his stomach during the incident had reporters and talk show hosts chuckling at the thought. Well think about this...

How would we feel if four men had lured, held, beat and tortured a woman in a motel room; regardless of what she had done and how many times she had done it? Would we snicker if these men glued her private parts together? Somehow I don't think we would we find it as funny.

Using violence connected with sex should never be a laughing matter as allegations of Sexual Assault are and should be treated seriously; regardless of the gender of the one being assaulted.

Thought For The Day...Walls

Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.


To the true "Power" Couple!

Special Shoutout to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Peace Rockstar himself, former President Bill that is a POWER couple!

Wonderful Wednesday: Change has come

The 2008 Presidential election was significant in so many ways. For the first time in the history of our country, an intelligent, well-educated, elegant and articulate man...who happened to be African-American...was elected President. He was faced with more challenges than any President since Abraham Lincoln, yet in his first six months in office; he is attacking each and every issue with the same diligence, ingenuity, steadfastness and discipline that got him elected in the first place. From fighting wars in two places, to an economic crisis that has sent the world into recession, to the battle to provide universal health care (...the moral imperative of this generation), to keeping the nation safe and secure; he has taken it all on.

Lest I become complacent, I've come to expect him to do things like nominate the first Latina woman to the United States Supreme Court and step right into a situation that then requires a real discussion on race; he has outdone himself over the past few months in the role he played (and didn't play) in getting journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee released from detention in North Korea.

Whenever people question whether or not "change" has really come to Washington...I think we can all reflect on this day..President Obama showed no ego, yet great leadership by allowing quiet dignified diplomacy and the help of others with experience to work for HIM! And he didn't have to give up anything...except the spotlight.

By making the release of these journalists a separate and distinct humanitarian priority rather than allowing their plight to be linked to a larger and more onerous political debate; he changed the discussion, re-directed the dialogue and got the result he wanted all along. By allowing his Secretary of State to do her job with the assistance of a well-respected leader and diplomat (who happens to be her husband and our former President); President Obama continues to fulfill his promise. It will not be business as usual.

Rarely do you see a politician table their own ego for the sake of those they were elected to serve. I'm so glad change has come...

Thought For The Day...Freedom

“Freedom is never given, it is won.”


Day of Prayer in support of Laura Ling and Euna Lee

Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving."

Please spend the day in prayer that President Bill Clinton is successful in his efforts to bring Laura and Euna home to their families.

No negativity...just prayer for their release.

O God, you are the source of life and peace.
Praised be your name forever.
We know it is you who turn our minds to thoughts of peace.
Hear our prayer in this time of challenge.
Your power changes hearts.

Let all nations remember, and profoundly affirm,
that they are followers of the ONE God.
Enemies begin to speak to one another;
those who were estranged join hands in friendship;
nations seek the way of peace together.

Strengthen our resolve to give witness to these
truths by the way we live.
Give to us:
Understanding that puts an end to strife;
Mercy that quenches hatred, and
Forgiveness that overcomes vengeance.
Empower all people to live in your law of love