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Friendship Friday: It's YOUR turn to be "Barbie"

I love when my friends shine!  

And last night my friend LaTanya Richardson Jackson was bright as the sun!  She is one of the stars in the new Broadway production of August Wilson's brilliant play "Joe Turner's Come and Gone" which just opened at the Belasco theatre. 

She was excellent (as is the entire cast) and the reviews are coming in singing the praises of the performances:
"LaTanya Richardson Jackson infuses Bertha Holly, who runs the boarding house with her husband, Seth (Ernie Hudson), with a vibrant combination of sternness, humor and good sense. " (Hollywood Reporter)

Her theatre, television and film credits prove that she has always had impressive acting chops; but in the recent past she has been known primarily as Mrs. LaTanya Jackson, the wife of "movie star Samuel L. Jackson." So it was so good to see her take the Broadway stage and show the world what all her girls have known for a very long time:  Samuel Jackson is the husband of Broadway star LaTanya Richardson Jackson!

All her girls came from near and far to support her and this wonderful production.  We were there to support her, cheer for her, clap for her and shout bravo for her!  No question about it, she was "Barbie" last night; and we were all happy to be "Skipper" for her.  

That's what real friends do, when it is your girl's turn to be "Barbie"...the star, the focus, the center of attention, the one with the pool, the car, and all the matching outfits; if you are a real "road dog" you relish in being "Skipper"...the good friend, the cousin, the fun partner-in-crime or the sidekick. 

I actually have a pillow in my room that says it all:  "I want to be Barbie, 'cause that girl has everything!"  

All girls want to be Barbie at some point in our lives and when it is your turn to be her, it is sooooo much fun when your really good girlfriends can be there to enjoy the moment.  We love you LaTanya...and we are so very proud.

Your friend,

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