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Wonderful Wednesday...a celebration of Education!

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  A COLLEGE DEGREE is the ultimate "trump" card in life. Nothing I will ever do or accomplish will compare to the accomplishment of graduating from college and law school.  These degrees have been the foundation of EVERY job, EVERY opportunity and EVERY backup plan in my life.  I would never have succeeded without having education in my life.
The New York Times
 today is giving that same opportunity to a dozen young NY scholars who have excelled in academics as students and shown true character as human beings.  This celebration of education is what is "wonderful" in my life today. The scholars were chosen by a panel of editors, reporters and educational consultants and they reflect the varied demographic landscape of New York City. Six are immigrants: from Russia, Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, China and Guyana. Three are the children of immigrants: from the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Israel.  These kids will now get to go to college; which will change their lives.  Each scholar will receive $30,000 in aid for college, a laptop computer and a summer job at The Times, as well as access to a network of counselors and alumni who can provide advice and support in the years ahead.

As the NY Times says, "Their stories are diverse, but almost all share a common thread: a parent at home who stressed to the students from an early age that education was the best way out of tough circumstances." 

Bless you NY Times for celebrating these wonderful young people who have rejected the "box" the world might want to put them in because of their circumstances.  They are shining through learning and WE as a society will reap the benefit in years to come.

To read the NY Times story about these scholars...just click on the NY Times link in the story or the title in this post.

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