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Friendship Friday: Growing Together

Next Monday (April 6th), I am the Co-Chair of the annual "Figure Skating with the Stars" Gala in Central Park that will benefit an organization close to my heart, "Figure Skating in Harlem." This is an organization that provides girls with vital educational and skating opportunities that build self-confidence, promote physical well being and emphasizes academic achievement.  Every day these young girls get the opportunity to "shine on the ice", so they can take that "can do it spirit" into their futures.

As with all non-profit organizations that service the community, we exist largely on donations from corporations and friends.  Which brings me to the point of telling you this on "Friendship Friday."  Because of the economic climate in our country right now, a lot of corporate sponsorship has dried up and in some cases disappeared completely.  Which means individuals have to step into that space and do more to lend a hand in keeping local community based programs like "Figure Skating in Harlem" operating, thriving and serving these young girls. So as usual, I've put the arm on my friends to help us out this year with donations and participation in the Gala; and as usual...they have.  I don't really hang with folk that don't give back because I agree with former First Lady Barbara Bush who said that "Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others."  So, I know my folk will come through...but in this climate I needed to bring out a big gun...and I did.


Yeah, I know we had "beef" a few years back...but who cares; time to grow up and move on.  I don't have time to trip on the past and neither does she.  We decided a long while back that there are far too many important things to talk about and far too much work to do in this world to hold a grudge that prevents you from accomplishing things that matter; so we've been cool now for a while.  More importantly,  Rosie's work for children and her dedication to giving back is absolutely legendary.  "Rosie's For All Kids" foundation has helped to change the lives of more children than we'll ever know and is for all practical purposes...doing God's work.  

So I called...and she answered.  With no hesitation mind you... 'cause that's what friends do. As a result, this year, one of the auction items for our "Figure Skating with the Star's" Gala is a "Lunch with Star and Rosie." Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall!  

So do me a a friend; even if they pissed you off  in the past(and trust me...I was pissed!...ha, ha, ha).  Real friends come when called and we allow each other to grow into the friend we can and want to be.

Thank you Rosie...see you soon.

For more information on "Figure Skating in Harlem", "Rosie's For All Kid's Foundation" or how to bid on "Lunch with Star and Rosie"...just click on the words and it will take you to the link.


  1. Way to go Star. I totally agree to let the past be in the past and to let it go. I've learned this over the past year and it is so freeing. It makes you feel good to reconnect and to let the grudge go.

  2. Wow. As I enjoy the renewal of friendships with my sister and cousin after years of estrangement, it is wonderful to read about you and Rosie.

  3. Dear Star,
    I'm so glad I found you. I've liked you so much over the years; (and I have a lot to say about that..this probably isn't the place)you're one of the good ones in my book.
    Best of luck and great things in your life,


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