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Ode to Alpha Kappa Alpha


In college at The American University, I joined an amazing group of girls.  The women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  I fell in love with what these women stood for.  Service above all!  Intelligence as our calling card.  Yes, we were the popular girls; but our popularity came from achievement.  Alpha Kappa Alpha gave me confidence when they took a shy 17 year old girl and gave her a group of sisters for life.  Skee Wee Sorors!

And God said... 
"I'll make me a woman, 
A woman of substance. 
A woman of pride. 
A woman who is able to put petty things aside. 
A woman of integrity, 
A woman of love.
 A woman who is worthy 
of the treasures from above. 
A woman of dignity 
A leader in every way." 
God said... 
I'll make a woman,

I'll call her.... AKA!


  1. I love it! I totally agree. I fell in love with Alpha Kappa Alpha and ALL that she stood for back in Fall 2003. It's a beautiful organization and Supreme in service to all mankind!
    Skee-Wee my Soror, Skee-Wee!

  2. That poem is right on time for me today. I was just telling my soror this morning about the spirit of AKA that moves within me daily. Truly, for me at least, Alpha Kappa Alpha is an extension of my Christian humanity.

  3. Thanks for the positivity, Soror Star! I read your tweets and I too am totally disenchanted, disappointed and disgusted with the way some disregard our precious sisterhood. Thank you for the reminder that most of us know and respect what the TRUE spirit of AKA really is.

  4. Yes Soror Star! Preach! A Few days ago you said, "In college we used to strive to be doctors, lawyers, senators, judges, educators, scientists, journalists, PROFESSIONALS! Not strippers!"

    Terrel K.
    BΨ Chapter
    Spring 2005 Initiate.

  5. I am not a member of your sorority, or any others (my college in upstate NY did not have NPHC organizations). But, I agree whole-heartedly with you in regard to decorum and comportment. I used to hate how strict my parents, houseparents, and schools were but I am so grateful to all of them for caring enough to teach me how to be a LADY.

  6. I totally agree with you Soror Star. There is a shirt that says we are born, not made...I must agree. I will NEVER forget my first encounter with a woman from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, she was one of my favorite teachers. Ever since that day, I was DETERMINED to be a part of the sisterhood that she represented so well. God blessed me with my desires on Dec. 7, 2003. I knew I loved the colors since I was 3, but I never understood what they meant until I met Soror Boston (my teacher). Now, I strive on a daily basis to represent God and my sorority in a positive light, that others may be drawn to this family.

    Be blessed


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