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Wonderful Wednesday

My newest god-daughter Olivia Phillips Tavarez is what is "wonderful" in my life this week.  

She is the baby daughter of one of my best friends, Dr. Holly Phillips and her husband Jose. When they asked me to be her godmother, they said that they knew she would be "safe" if she had me in her life.  

What an amazing gift to give someone.  We claim to be friends with soooo many people, but only a true friend trusts you with their most precious asset; their child.  I know that I'll never have to step in because Holly and Jose will be there for "Liverwurst" for as long as she needs them; but I'll be there just in case.  I'll take her for her first manicure, give her her first book, take 100 photos at her first dance recital, share the secret of her first kiss, cheer when she graduates from law school (or med school...or B school) and cry when she marries the man of her dreams. I'll be there for her as her mentor, her friend and her godmother.

Thank you Holly and Jose for this "wonderful" honor.


  1. It's a joy being a God-mother. I've been one now for 20 fabulous years and my children consider her their oldest sister. She feels like I gave birth to her. Enjoy this treasure, and congrats on your blog and Happy Birthday.

  2. Well, first of all I loved you on the View....& followed you on court TV...You are such an inspiration to all women of color...I look forward to reading your blog...Good Luck & God Bless


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