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Star Jones
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Today is my 47th Birthday.  I'm healthier and happier than I've ever been and I have God to thank for it.

Actually, I wasn't supposed to see 47.  Heck, I wasn't supposed to see 20.  At 19 I was in my last year of college and I was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in my chest. The tumor was growing daily and it had wrapped itself around my esophagus, lay between my lungs and under my heart.  I was given nine months to live.  I'd always wanted to be a lawyer so something in me said fight and I did.  I found a doctor who didn't think the tumor was inoperable and he (after 8 hours of surgery) removed it and got it all out.  I was back in class 7 days later.  Eight weeks of radiation, five days a week followed.  I graduated from college on time, went on to law school and began living my dreams.  My thyroid was destroyed in the process which caused me to gain weight over the years...but other than a scar down the center of my chest; you'd never know I got a death sentence over 25 years ago.  How good is God!  

I used to be ashamed of the scar; but as I have matured...I've focused on what is important.  I'm alive.  I'm healthy.  This scar saved my life.  So when I feel sorry for myself or forget the blessings of life, I look down at that scar.  It is my badge of honor.  

It is my triumph.


  1. Hi Star,

    I found this through twitter. I look forward to future posts, and I really like the vision for the blog. It's refreshing to see a positive blog with inspiration and well-wishes for all to enjoy. Take care, and do you as always.

    C. Jai

  2. Happy Birthday Ms. Star,

    Your story is definitely a testimony for all that are facing a terminal illness. Thanks for sharing your story. I will be tuning in to read more of your positive words.


  3. I am very sorry for even thinking that your scar had something to do with a weight loss surgery. I really am sorry. You are courageous and you have inspired me today.

  4. Welcome to the blog world Star. I'll be sure to stop by to see how you are doing. I find the blog world is mostly a positive place to visit and I have been blessed with making a great many friends. So wonderful to have a personal connection with women and men all over the world. Such a great educational learning experience.

    God is ever so good and I am glad that he so blessed you. Keep up the good fight are a great inspiration to women of all ages, shapes, colors and lifestyle. It so humbles me when I hear what strong women like you have lived through. And sweetie I have loved you no matter what size you were/are because you have a God filled spirit and heart.

    Luck to you Star. If you come to read my blog you will see some anger but I also try to find some positive and hope in all that I fear and I really am working on finding humor and grace in my life. Please bear with me.

    Again WECOME and a belated Happy Birthday. By the way yesterday was also my Grandson Henry's 3rd Birthday. My grandchildren are what makes life wonderful for me.

    Later then...Jolie-jordan from Minnesota

  5. Happy Birthday Ms Star..well belated! I just found you on Twitter today which lead me here! So excited to find you! I miss you so much on The View!
    You look wonderful! Look forward to reading your blog everyday!
    Have a good evening!

  6. What a wonderful story. So full of hope and inspiration. I, too, thought it had something to do with your weight-loss surgery. God bless you. Happy Belated Birthday and may you have many more.

    Mirna (

  7. Star, I have a disorder called MEN (Multiple Endocrine Neoplasm Disorder. It is hereditary, and can cause tumors like you had. It can also affect the pituitary, pancreas, gallbladder, thyroid, parathyroid, kidneys, stomach, intestines. Please see an endocrinologist and get a blood test.

  8. Happy Belated B-day Star. I found your blog on Twitter. I am so happy to read about your journey.Continue living in the light and space God made for you. Peace and Grace, Ananda


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