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TELL IT LIKE IT IS: Anonymous Comments

I knew I'd get them...and I knew they'd annoy me.  So let me just say it outright.  If you are going to leave a nasty comment on this blog about someone, be it our Harvard educated President with a mandate for change or the person next to you in the cubicle where you work; please at least have the backbone to identify yourself with your real name and your real face.  Your educational background and some intelligent backup for your opinion would be nice; but I know I'm asking a lot. In other words, show me what YOU'RE working with and we might just have a debate.

It's not like I don't like a good argument...because I'll tangle with almost anyone, but I do have a couple of rules:  
  1. I don't argue the law with non-lawyers.  I spent too much money, time and effort to get the degree and pass that bar...get your own and then come back at me; 
  2. I don't engage in mean spirited gossip that is designed to tear folk down rather than build them up...I know how it hurts and would never want to cause someone or their family unnecessary pain; and 
  3. I don't get into a war of words with anonymous stone throwers who are too damn chicken and insecure to identify themselves.  
That is my pet peeve.  Oh I know it's "in" to just use the blogosphere to say whatever the heck you want without fear of being discovered for the complete fool you are; but I don't have to do what's "in."   So get this, if you want to post a comment on THIS blog that disagrees with a position espoused by me; go for it...but you have to put yourself out there for all of us to evaluate.  You know my ups, downs, ins and outs.  You know how I've messed up, dressed up and F'd at least now when it comes to me; what you see is what you get.  My name, face, thoughts and words are out here for the world to see.  If you aren't willing to do the same and take credit for your words; then shut the hell up or please go somewhere else.  Let me just tell it like it is:  all of you anonymous stone throwers  might as well be wearing a white sheet...(and I don't care what color your skin is under it)...because you're a  bunch of cowards.

Take off your sheet, come into the light of day and stand by what you think.  That cone head with the eyes cut out is a terrible fashion statement in this day and age...don't you think?


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  2. Star,
    Good for you for standing up to those too cowardly to stand up and say what they feel without hiding behind the mask of the anonymous web! Great job, and great blog! I'll be reading more- for sure!


  3. Star,

    I can't stop reading your blog. You are an amazing inspiration to a lot of people.


  4. Star,

    I definitely feel you. And I'm with you when people who haven't paid the dues that those of us with specialized degrees/training have, tend to throw stones. Don't you find it a bit ironic that other folk with the same credentials but different genders and skin colors don't get attacked as often?

  5. That was pretty classless saying you won't talk law with non-lawyers.
    What about police officers who have to live the law every day? Are they good enough for you stoop down and talk too?
    Your ego hasn't lost any weight.

  6. My dear, you'll get the worst of them. Especially when you're positive. Or shedding light on something that's true. hecklers, skeptics racist , fascist . they'll come with what they will. Let them come. That means you're ruffling feathers. I mean its a blog. its YOUR blog. there are plenty of hateful mean spirited ones out there that no one shuts down or leaves nasty comments on because its their " freedom of speech" when all you're doing is sharing. Don't be discouraged. just shine on head high.

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  9. Oh, Star...ignore these people. I admit I was skeptical when I saw your post on HuffPo. But I read it, and I couldn't help but think how much I felt the same way, so I stopped by your blog. And let me tell you, I'm glad I stopped by! Your blog has been positive, funny, enlightening, intelligent...everything I used to love about you-- all right here! I'm glad you decided to keep on keeping on. Your background allows you to bring a unique perspective to the table, and I don't think anyone out there today has a voice like yours. If there continues to be wisdom and positivity here, then those who have ears to hear it will listen. And as for the fools? They always get what's coming to them. ~ Peace.

  10. Star - I have to admit, I am so happy that you are BACK, baby. I first became a fan of yours when I was TEN years old, watching the very first season of The View while I was sick from school. I've always admire your wit, intelligence, sense of humor, positive but no nonsense attitude, the grace that you're able to deliver it all with. So, SO proud of you.


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