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Fight the Battles We Can Win

Lovelle Mixon...I wasn't there; but something tells me that this parolee who was being sought for additional violent felonies did not act "honorably" when he shot and killed four police officers in the course of carrying out their duty.  A "march" by the "Uhuru Movement" in this man's honor makes legitimate issues of racism seem trite and allows them to be easily dismissed.  Actually, let's not pull any punches:  a march in honor of Lovelle Mixon is just straight up wrong.  Pray for his family as they grieve the loss of their child; but don't glorify his deplorable actions. Every KING is not Martin Luther and every person who sits on a bus is NOT Rosa Parks. 

We need to learn to pick and choose our fights and sometimes simply fight the battles we can win...

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  1. Star,

    I so agree with you. We, in all fairness, cannot blame a man's family or his entire race for his actions. If we as fellow Americans point a finger to blame it must be pointed at all of us. We are all culpable for who, as a nation, we have become.

    We do not know what is in the hearts and minds of others. We do not know what sort of serendipity was in play that day to bring that young man and his weapons and those four officers and their weapons together. For me it brought sadness. For all of the families it brought a great loss. Another reminder that life is such a gift and such a fleeting moment in time.

    It seems to me that life is a generally one giant oxymoron. These people lost their lives, suddenly and tragically. Natasha Richardson, in a freak accident, lost hers. Six lives that reached the National Headlines...all now lost...It appears to be for naught.


    I read now that Ms. Richardson was an organ donor...therefore she (in her death) has given life to others. I so hope that Mixon and the police officers were organ donors too. It would be the best good that will come from the worst bad that has happened.

    Ah me and my double negatives and double positives.

    Death becoming a celebration of life. Who woulda thunk it?

    Was it Tiny Tim that uttered, “Bless us one and all"? Somebody did and every day I understand the need for being gifted with blessings more then I did the day before.

    Thanks for sharing Star…J-

  2. J-J,
    Just a quick note to let you know that at least one of the officers in Oakland was indeed an organ donor. SJ

  3. Glad to find you here. I've missed you since your years on The View. I look forward to hearing your unique take on life, but I've gotta offer a construct - the black backround of your blog, with the white and blue text is making my eyes swim.! Hurts my head!


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