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With Twitter...READING is fundamental...and so is COMPREHENSION

I love Twitter because the date, time and place of all your ACTUAL statements are available for review.  In my business (law) it is called "Direct" evidence.  

Yesterday, I asked a question ...some people took it personally and attacked.  You be the judge because here are the actual "Tweets" that started the controversy around midnight last night (in reverse start at the bottom and read up):

    1. when i started in TV...Mr. Brokaw and Mr. Gumble required me to have MY facts...based on MY sources that I developed...not something I heard
    2. not just making up stuff that has no basis in fact...or is a regurgitation of someone else's made up stuff. this is new to the world...
    3. I'm just asking the question for my own edification. I love the concept of journalism and information...but that comes from hard work...
    what is that about? she is a baby...what did she ever do to deserve "hatoration" that's just an illness of spirit that needs to be excised!
  1. i was online today and read nasty things about everyone from michelle obama to beyonce to jamie fox to tom cruise to tom cruise's daughter!
  2. i can handle it. I get annoyed and vent to ya'll every now & again when it's about me..but i mean why be so hateful-what's in it for them?
  3. a lot of them follow me & the nasty stuff they say about people they don't know is just unfathomable. what is the motivation to be so mean?
  4. i have a question. I get tabloid mags and tv shows...they make $$$ off advertising...but what do these so-called "celeb bloggers" get?

May I suggest you evaluate the resulting controversy with the following 10 points in mind:
  1. I asked a question about a group that I referred to as "so-called celeb bloggers."  If you aren't one ("so-called" or a "celeb blogger")...clearly I wasn't talking about you.
  2. I stated that "a lot" of them follow me."  Them refers back to "so-called celeb bloggers," "a lot" is defined by most dictionaries as "many...but not all." 
  3. I stated that I found the "nasty stuff" that they (referring back again to "so-called celeb bloggers") say about people they don't know is "unfathomable," which in this context I meant as "mystifying."
  4. I then asked what was their motivation (for their tactics, strategy, behavior, game plan, conduct, actions, etc.) for being "mean?"
  5. I used several examples of people I had seen nasty or mean things written about by "so-called celeb bloggers." 
  6. After reading other responses from several followers, I referred to the phenomenon that I questioned as "hatoration" and stated the opinion that it was an illness that needed to be "excised," which is defined as "cut out."
  7. I then clarified why I even asked the question from the beginning as being for my own "edification," which is defined as "the instruction or improvement of a person morally or intellectually."
  8. I stated that I love the concept of journalism and information...(which clearly re-iterated that I was not addressing anyone that engaged in either of these legitimate disciplines because they are both based in "hard work." 
  9. I expressed the opinion that there was a new phenomenon of simply inventing stories or regurgitating invented stories. And finally,
  10. I stated that two of the people that I had the privilege of working with in the past had specific requirements when it came to the business of journalism.
This brought on a barrage of tweets and re-tweets that were  a mix of interesting insights, curious queries and insulting remarks.  Some were of course mean-spirited and a lot were nasty and filled with "hatoration" which resulted in me purposefully excising anything I found offensive, intrusive or simply toxic from my twitter followers...

Those are the facts ya' with them what you will...but those are the facts.


  1. Wow Star, I had no idea. Some people just need to find other stuff to do. Responding to them is giving them the fuel they need to continue doing the juvenile things they do.
    In the future, try ignoring those idiots and watch them get bored with trying to rattle you.

  2. yeah I feel for you having to address silly "they" cant take it however they want but I too wish you would just block these loosers so we can get on with the good stuff. I look forward to what you have to say. So shake the haters & keep it moving

  3. I'm glad you posed the question, its something I've been wondering too as it seems that some of the wild tales floating around get uglier and more malicious by the day.

    Tearing down others never gets anyone ahead. My gram says "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

  4. Star, have you forgotten that "a fool's voice is known by multitude of words." Ecc 5:3(b)

    You have so much more to offer those of us who welcome and engage in your conversations, that the weapon of distraction the 'fools' are attempting to hinder those conversations are miniscule to say the least.

    Keep talking..we hear you! --Kimetta

  5. No a Celeb Blogger or a So Called Celeb Blogger but just a blogger that loves my city. But when this whole twitter war (ok maybe it wasn't really a war) broke out the other night it was kind of funny and although some people took things the wrong way I think some bloggers were offended because often bloggers aren't looked at as real journalist amongst the people that some look to get approval from.

    Also blocking somebody on twitter is no the end of the world people. Ok you get blocked fine you blocked. OK you block somebody fine it's not a big deal at all. It's a thing called TWITTER...on the internet...stop acting like it will change how you live your life.


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