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Tuesday Triumph: Let's Improve our Lives!

I read this great US News and World Report article about 50 ways to improve your life and although interesting and right on was overwhelming.  I can't do 50 things...but I can certainly do in each area of my life.  

Just click on the individual links for the actual articles and let's improve our lives:


Take stock of your life and improve your financial future by Recycling Your Old Gadgets for Cash.


Take a healthy approach to life by Changing Your Toothbrush More Often.


Challenge yourself to think in new ways by Going Back to School for New Skills.


Better the world around you by Volunteering to Help Those Hit By The Recession.


Travel, read, cook...and don't forget to have fun by Teaching Your Kids To Cook.


  1. Great ideas--thanks for sharing! This reminds me of a game that my fiance and I play called The Glad Game where we list things that make us happy. It's the little things in life that make living so great (ex. changing toothbrush, fresh bar of soap, learning about a different religion, or try a different recipe). Thanks for the positivity on such a rainy day!


  2. Hi Star,
    I'm back. I haven't been around for a bit. I've been dealing with some health issues so I have been very lax about keeping in touch with people. Nothing too serious...just enough to slow me down for a time. I'm perking up and diving into life again.

    I'm glad to be back. You aways share so many interesting things and your' positive attitude is very uplifting. I hope all is well in your' world and I'll be back soon to go back and read all that I've missed.

    Me...I'm grateful that "The Closer" started it's new TV season. I so love that show. (Smile)



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