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Tuesday Triumph: Lessons Learned from Adversity

People sometimes react with a feeling of hopelessness when adversity comes to their lives, and they feel that they are so unfortunate in life. Little do they realize that despite their adversity, they are still fortunate compared to a lot of other people who faced worse adversities and surmounted them.  Approach adversity the same way we deal with major worries. Do our best under the circumstances, and after doing our best, accept whatever may be the outcome. We must make sure however that we have really done our best, and not just rationalize that we have.  Adversity is the result of past unwise actions, we must accept the consequences today and try to prevent recurrence in the future. In the east, this is called karma. We must look at the present and see what we can do to change the future.  A cheerful or positive disposition is one of the best qualities that can protect us from the psychological burdens of adversity. It enables us to spring back after we have fallen down. It gives us hope in the face of apparent hopelessness. All adversities will pass away ("This too shall pass away"). We must avoid being bitter but learn to take life as it is. Rebellion against your handicaps gets you nowhere. Self-pity gets you nowhere.  Adversity produces strength of character, which results in greater capacity for doing more important things.  Behind every adversity is a chance for the soul to grow and mature. We must remember that in the end our aim is perfection of the inner person: the soul or the spirit.

Triumph lesson #1: Sometimes the answer to our quandary is patience, and we must wait even when the situation is urgent.

Triumph lesson #2: Sometimes we have to to go through difficult circumstances so that we might become a lesson for others.

Triumph lesson #3: The solution to our problem may be found in ways we don’t fully comprehend or understand.

Triumph lesson #4: Sometimes in the midst of responding to our time of trial or need, the experience we’re having has something important to teach us.

Triumph lesson #5: Many times the answer to our problem is not something that can be done for us, but rather what we need to do for ourselves.

Triumph lesson #6: Others have faced the same experience; and come through are not alone. 

Triumph lesson #7: Our Triumph will come not just in the ultimate success of our endeavor...but instead of how we handled the process of getting there.

There are defeats more triumphant than victories.


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  2. Soror Star this was so powerful! Thank you again for another great message. Keep it up!

  3. Star,

    It is in the face of adversity that we receive our greatest blessings. The key, as you have so eloquently stated, is learning how to be patient but we must also continue to persevere thru the "mess."

    One of my favorite quotes is: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." When you learn to dance thru your adversity, you can't help but come out on top!

    From "babyboomerbev" on Twitter


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