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Friendship Friday: Michael Jackson...My First Love

Yesterday I lost a friend...

At least that's the way I feel. Yes, later in life I had the privilege and honor of meeting Michael Jackson, the Icon and being in his company several times under a lot of different "celebrity" circumstances.

But, that wasn't MY Michael.

I'll admit it. I was one of those girls who went to sleep at night hugging my pillow...pretending that it was Michael. He never knew it (I always thought he'd think I was a nut if I told him)...but Michael Jackson taught me to kiss. I used to practice how I would kiss him when the preacher announced us "husband and wife."

'Cause I was going to marry Michael Jackson!

I know, I were you...but I REALLY was going to marry him.

That was the refrain that every single one of my girlfriends used to say when I was growing up. I'm 47 Michael was 3 years older than me...and for an 8 year old...that beautiful black 11 year old boy simply took my breath away. I just knew he was singing every song FOR me...not just to me. When Michael sang "I'll Be There," was a promise that was for me...and I would fight you if you claimed otherwise.

When I heard the news of Michael's passing...I spoke to my "road dog" Janet Rolle within minutes...we're the same age and although she has gone on to be an Executive at the top of her field and God has blessed me with my own professional success...yesterday we became eight years old again. We had a fight over whose boyfriend Michael was "back in the day" was the best delusional moment I've had in a long time...

Dear God, take care of this genius that you let us borrow for a short time. Let his spirit soar among the angels.

...I got a pillow to hug!


  1. I can remember I was 3 years old the first time I saw Mj on the tv..I was transfixed. It was love from that point on. When I was 5 you couldn't tell me I wasn't going to marry Mike..even though he was 22 years older then me. It didn't matter.

    When the news broke yesterday I wrote this.

    The day the music died they say
    The day our king has passed away
    Just 3 years old the first time I remember seeing his bright light shine
    Just as smooth as u wanna be
    Annie are u ok
    I can't believe mike is gone away
    My heart lay heavy
    A burden on my heart
    Thought ud never go away
    That ud always be apart
    Of my history
    And what I know
    Moonwalking was too cool
    I could feel it in my soul
    My one glovedness took over the room
    Don't stop till u get enough
    I will always have love for u
    Can't u see?
    From thriller to bad u were the best we ever had
    Who will carry on ur name?
    Music..the world will never be the same

    MaDonna Akua Awotwi - 6-25-09

  2. Wonderful post! I can relate to your future plans of being Mrs. Jackson. He was my first crush and I had all intentions of marrying him when I grew up. I'm still adjusting to the news of his death. Prayers for the entire family.

  3. All of us will miss Michael in our own way, and thank you for sharing your thoughts about knowing Michael! I loved the story of your determination to be the one to marry him! Thank you for all the wonderful tweets that you posted...Namaste, Margaret

  4. that is a very sweet blog post, star. it warmed my heart. i used to have a BIG crush on him too! had the posters and albums and all the rest. i am sad today, but i'm happy for him- he is with the Lord in Paradise! much love to you,
    zoeymag (a follower of yours from twitter)

  5. Beautifully said. Have a good day and let us all remember how much we were blessed and will continue to be blessed by his presence.

    Friendly regards,
    Takiyah L

  6. That's a beautifully written blog post Star. I love that you captured the true essence of how you feel in your writing about MJ. May he rest in peace!

  7. I LOVE that picture of you as a little girl! Love it! It's beyond cute.


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