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Star Jones
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Wonderful Wednesday: Joy of Miracles

God is never tired of 
Giving the same message 
Over and over again to humanity: 
Never give up!

My dear friend is recovering by leaps and bounds...and it is nothing less than a miracle.  This is for her!

Daily Miracles

by: Eliza Maria de Lima Oliveira

I can gaze at the beauty of the oceans,
Listen to the music of the falls
And find magic in a virgin forest.

I can see the colors in the gardens,
Stare at birds day by day as they fly
And look at the magic in the sky. 

I can watch the sun's rest on a hill,
Slowly escaping from my limited sight,
Bringing me the magic of the night.

I can taste the flavors of the trees,
Smell the flowers, touch my gorgeous land 
And feel daily wonders through God's hand.

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