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Star Jones
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Doctors are brilliant, but NURSES...these women and men are true angels walking the earth.   

One of my dearest friends is facing a serious health crisis and in spending time with her and her family over the past week, I cannot begin to tell you how much we have depended on and garnered respect for the nurses who have cared for her every day.  I just want to thank Nurses on behalf of the families of patients who would not heal without their helping hands.

The Gift of a Nurse 

God took one pair of angel wings,
One halo heart of gold.
Two eyes that hold compassion
For others, young or old.
Two hands to offer kindness,
Always putting others first...
He wrapped it up
With tender care
And called this gift a "NURSE".

~Author Unknown~

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  1. I so agree about nurses. I recently had a brief hospital stay and I have to say that every nurse that I had was wonderful! Thank you nurses of Morton Plant Hospital!


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