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Star Jones
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Lord, I thank you for the blessing of healing that you've ALREADY promised.

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  1. Dear Star,

    My name is Andrew Leon LeClair. I am a 47 year old professional, living in Boston, MA. I design luxury hotels worldwide for a leading International Hospitality Design Firm.

    Why I am contacting you today is for a very different reason. Next year, I will celebrate the 30th anniversary of my gastric bypass. My procedure was conducted in the fall of 1980 in Waterville, Maine, by Dr. Richard Hornberger (aka Richard Hooker, the author of the novel “M*A*S*H”).

    Unlike most who have undergone this procedure and who have ultimately failed to achieve permanent weight loss, I am living proof that this procedure can work long term. I lost 125 pounds in total, and my weight is still off today. I have personally managed my lifestyle, nutrition and exercise program since the beginning, and continue to work it every day.

    I have watched your progress over the years, most recently on the Oprah Show. I know that you have stated that you do not want to be the poster child for gastric bypass, but you have been an inspiration to many. Well, I too, would love to share my success story in an attempt to inspire and motivate people.

    I am currently writing the timeline of my life’s journey for an autobiographical book project tentatively entitled “One Foot in Front of the Other”. Like so many others, I struggled with weight as an adolescent; suffered the humiliation and disappointments that obese children face, but ultimately found the means and courage to re-chart my destiny. Once a 300+ pound adolescent, I developed a personalized program and attitude that has kept me trim and active for 30 years. I even completed the 112th Boston Marathon as a bandit runner last year in 2008.

    I believe my story will resonate with millions of people worldwide battling crippling weight challenges, either by gastric bypass or by traditional means. My secrets to long-term success can help inspire those who think they can’t change themselves or their lives.

    I am hopeful that you might provide some guidance in the endeavor to get my story told. I am a designer, not an author, so I need someone to take the facts from my story and create a captivating, appealing and saleable read. Perhaps you have some ideas.

    I would be happy to provide more details, such as the story timeline and some “before and after” pictures. I am keen to gain your insights as to my story and how I should proceed.

    If you would like to preview my basic story and pics spanning the years, my profile can be viewed at I am registered under the graduating class of 1979 at Waterville Senior High School in Waterville, Maine. Similarly, I have a page on Facebook as Andrew LeClair in the Boston network. Please feel free to check out either page.

    Thanks for your time and consideration, and for being an inspiration to me and many others.


    Andrew L. LeClair
    127 Tudor Street
    Boston, MA 02127


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