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Breakfast...Lunch & Dinner...a plan of action!

Eat breakfast like a KING, 
lunch like a PRINCE & 
dinner like a BEGGAR

What does this mean?  Breakfast should be your biggest meal because you have all day to burn off the calories.  Lunch should be carbs and protein with a little fat to recharge your body.  Dinner should be very lean. Protein and a salad. This is because you don't want to eat alot of calories before you go to bed. Remember... calories are energy. If your body doesn't use up the extra energy, then guess what it will do to it? Store it as fat!!

I don't know about you, but after 8-12 hours without food my blood sugar is at rock bottom.  According to my nutritionist, 25% of my day's calories need to be consumed at breakfast to keep me going until lunchtime.  Research tells us that the brain needs constant glucose to function properly and therefore breakfast is very important and not only that, I can tell you that when I eat a healthy breakfast...I'm a happier person.

PROTEIN in the morning gives me energy and provides me with my "brain food" to start the day.  CARBOHYDRATES in the middle of my day makes me feel calm, serene and happy...and help me keep my energy up for work, interaction with others and my fitness routine.  By the end of the day...I'm burnt, so I don't need energy...I need rest.  I eat dinner out several times a week for business and social obligations, so it is virtually impossible during the week for me to eat dinner before 7pm or 8pm.  So when I can make a choice, I choose fish, chicken or meat...and vegetables or a salad.  I can skip won't kill me.  Weekends...I have fun.  I eat what I like...but I don't overdo it; because Monday is coming!

This is the goal...I know that I won't always meet my goal...but in 2010...I'm going to try!

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