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Now you've done it.  My sister Sheila is pissed!  She just found out that someone is impersonating me on FACEBOOK.  How did she find out?  We were talking about social networking and how much I enjoy my "Twitter" family and she asked why I hadn't "updated my Facebook page."  When I told her that I didn't have a Facebook page...I thought her head was going to spin off her neck!  You see my sister, four of my cousins, my aunt and countless other longtime friends and associates have been "friends" to this person for months thinking it was me.  All I can say is Damn.

To all the people who have "befriended" this person; please know that I have NEVER been on Facebook and this page is not my page or anyone affiliated with me.

Do not correspond with this account thinking that you are interacting with me...

Now...on the real... impersonating someone on a social networking site is pathetic on so many levels, it boggles the mind.  First of all, my life isn't that interesting.  I'm just as real as the girl sitting next to you in the hair salon.  If you really knew'd know that.  Second, the people who join as friends don't deserve to be put in a trick bag of fakery because of a silly obsession.  There might be legitimate questions or issues that these "Facebook Friends" are dealing with and to waste their time is cruel and mean-spirited.  Not to mention pitiful.

Yes, I will be having it taken down, because the REAL Star Jones can do that; but my best advice to the person who set this silliness in motion is to  focus on what is real in YOUR life so you don't have to reside in MINE.

Oh...and by the way...if you really want to be me; I got some bills you can pay.  Just tell me where to send them!


  1. Star,
    You are too funny. I like the paying the bills comeback. I don't get how someone can be an imposter for so long without being found out. Especially when they were friending blood relatives. Glad Sheila has baby sis's back.

  2. I never seen it but, obviously it is a fan of yours. Maybe they should have said this is a Star Jones fan page atleast. I see that on myspace a lot, form Beyonce, Elvis, Marylin Monroe, to Barack. They never bother to acknowledge themselves as fans, just imposters. Go figure... :/

  3. Deceitful impersonation would seem to be so exhasutive! While it's in an odd way flattering ... it's FRAUD! So sorry you had to go through that, but happy the REAL STAR is speaking up. LoL @ them paying your bills, really though!

  4. Sad doesn't even begin to describe such silliness. Glad you found out!

  5. Hi Star, i am very sorry for you that some imposter has imitating you on FB! I have my self quit that service because i thought that it is not as safe as this Twitter one and i realised that it is more social porn than ever! Luckily your sister has revealed that somebody is imitating you and you can do omething about it.
    Peace and love Paros49 on Twitter.

  6. I don´t like anymore Facebook either, because i think it is so called social porn!
    I am very pissed of for you Miss Star, how can someone behave such like that and think not to be caught what has done. Hope your sister has allert you an d now you can put stop for that.
    I am in Twitter Paros49
    Peace and love:)

  7. Hi Star, my name is Sheila. I have FB, and I'm about to shut it down because it's not for me. I feel you on your comment. To impersonate one’s identity is tacky and low class. I am in twitter cocbrowngirl. I send shout out's to you every now and then. I think your very inspiring with a positive out look on life.


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