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SiMPLY BLESSED...Prayer for Grace

O Lord, how absolutely necessary Your grace is for me, both to begin a good work and to persevere until I accomplish it. Without grace I can do nothing, but I can do all things in You, when Your grace strengthens me.

O true and heavenly Grace, without you we cannot have merits of our own or value the gifts of nature. No art or beauty, no strength or riches, no genius or eloquence, are of any worth to you, O Lord, unless accompanied by Your grace. The gifts of nature are common to all people, both good and bad, but grace or divine love is given only to the elect, and those adorned with it are esteemed worthy of eternal life. This grace is so excellent that neither the gift of prophecy, nor the working of miracles, nor even the most sublime speculation, is worth anything without it.

O most blessed Grace, that makes the poor in spirit rich in virtues, and makes the wealthy humble of heart! Come, descend upon me, fill me with your comfort, lest my soul faint from weariness and dryness of mind. I beseech You, O Lord, that I may find grace in your sight, for your grace is sufficient for me even if I never obtain anything which my nature desires. If I am tempted and tried I will fear no evil as long as Your grace is with me. Your grace is my strength, my counsel and my help. She is more powerful than all my enemies and wiser than all the wise. She is the mistress of truth, the teacher of discipline: the light of the heart, the comforter in affliction. She banishes sorrow, expels fears, nurses devotion, produces tears of repentance. What am I without her but a piece of dry timber or a withered stump, fit for nothing but to be cast into the fire.

Grant therefore, O Lord, that Your grace will always go before me and follow men, keeping me ever intent upon good works, through Jesus Christ Your Son. Amen.


  1. AMEN!!!! :)

    Thanks for the prayer and for maintain this blog. I am always encouraged when I see this stuff coming from "celebs"


    Kelly D <>< :)

  2. A simple prayer:GOD grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change and change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.May your every step be a step with GOD first and foremost and to enlighten 1 soul.

  3. Hi Star...I stumbled across your blog today and loved what you wrote. My hubby passed away last month and "grace" has been the overriding theme as I have walked through this journey.
    Thank you for your wonderful prayer....

  4. Grace and Peace be unto you! Simply Blessed wonderful prayer. Seeking God's grace is wisdom from God.
    I just became aware of your blog because of your appearance on the Insider....You were amazing, strong, bold, confident, articulate, intelligent and very accurate on your analogy on the fugitive director rapist and his support. Then you shut IT down when the issue of race NOT being a card to be played, WHOA!! "Star Jones, an American lawyer chick who is free, black and grown". YES, you are keep up the GOOD work, happy belated birthday.


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