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SiMPLY BLESSED: It Ain't Over...until GOD says it's Over!

Sometimes God speaks to us when we least expect it...but we most need it. I had that experience today and felt like I needed to share it...actually SHOUT IT! Why I don't know...but if my epiphany blesses someone, I'm willing to step out there...

The past few days have truly been amazing in my life. I've had some good business meetings, had the privilege of hosting a fundraiser for my friend David Paterson, the Governor of NY, helped raise $200,000 for Art for Life and hosted a lunch for the family of my guy at my home...making him proud. Sound like I had it "going on" right? WRONG...

I went out to pick up some crab for dinner tonight and I found myself experiencing a low moment. Nothing in particular happened...I just had a moment where I felt overwhelmed, inadequate and sad. Instead of celebrating my blessings; I started reviewing all the stuff in my life that I WASN'T happy with and got down on myself so intensely...that I started to cry...sitting in the car all alone.

Then God spoke to me...

A song came on the satellite radio just as the tears started to flow and I truly felt the presence of the holy spirit take over. Maurette Brown-Clark was singing "It ain't over...until God says it's over"...and I had to literally pull the car over and just PRAISE HIM!

Thank you Lord for reminding me that YOU are in control of ALL THINGS! The stuff that makes me feel good about myself is your gift to me...and the stuff that I have to struggle through is also a gift; because it makes me stronger.

I didn't have a crisis of faith...because my faith is stronger than that...but I did forget that I am HIS child... and he promised to give me the DESIRES OF MY HEART! He reminded I stopped and praised HIM.

I know people in the public eye don't like to share that they have moments of fear, vulnerability and doubt...but I want you to know that we do...and those of us who believe in the omnipotence of God...go to our knees.

I don't know WHAT the future holds...but I state with complete certainty that I know WHO holds my future and FAITH in his word will see me through. I have been blessed with so much...and I want to thank HIM publicly and share it with others. My heart is full tonight with praise for my gifts.

We all go through tough times at one time or another...but remember this... God brought the Israelites out of the bondage of Egypt...but before they reached the promised land they had to be washed in the blood (go through the red sea), and then languish in the wilderness for 40 years.

What that says to me is that we don't get the blessing without the struggle.

That is my testimony today...and I make a promise to God that it will be my daily testimony from now on.

Note: I found a You Tube Live Video of Maurette Brown-Clark singing "It Ain't Over..." watch it and I guarantee that you'll be blessed.


  1. I love that song and your testimony. My testimony today...In case you missed it here is the link to my feature on the Sunday Journal piece. Enjoy...

  2. Awesome Star, Really did Enjoy the read and I'm certainly glad that You wrote this Blog Post today. Great stuff and moving because it flows from the heart of a child of God.

    Here is a blessing that we posted in our Tweet
    Stream today. Prayful that You find that Our
    Lord knows just what He purposed for us all.
    Sent a Reply, Hope You have that Tweet from
    @VisionSphere - Jim Legington

    He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me.
    Matthew 10:40, Luke 8:8, Romans 15:6, John7:38

  3. Star....I read this via your tweet this evening...thank you-Thank God for you Praising Him. I love the song "It Ain't Over"---lets you know that truly it is not over until God says its done!!! I will be following your tweets and your blog from this point forward. Remember, You can do ALL things through Christ whom strengthens you. Continue to walk and faith and accept all that He has for you.

    Tobemeis2bfree (GiGi)

  4. Wow Star this is exactly how I was feeling on Sunday evening. I too had a good few days, accomplished a few things yet I found myself feeling down and out and I couldn't put my finger on why. I began to listen to my ipod because I remembered when I feel down to praise God anyway and I turned on James Fortune and began to feel much better.

    It is nice to know that although you've amassed a lot of things, you are still just as human as I am and you feel the same pain that I feel. God is so good and the devil hates success or progress and I believe that's why he uses our past failures to make us feel bad for things we've already been delivered from.

    Thanks again for sharing and I pray that I can continue to be inspired by your words. I know what God has in store for me and I pray I can be as inspirational for those that come after me as your blog has been to me.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this...I always try to stay positive but had a particularly rough afternoon today. I caught you on Twitter and this helped so much. Like you, my faith is strong but I was just having those down moments. This happens a lot to me too, where something pops up from seemingly out of nowhere to speak to me. I know this is God! It's happened on more occasions than I can count. I can also say that I believe God nudged you to share your testimony today to come at the right moment not only for me, but all of the people who saw you on Twitter or read this blog. God bless you, and all who read this! xoxoxo

  6. Thank you so much for your candor and inspiration. It easy to sing his praises in the good times, but it is in the moments of doubt and fear that we gain our createst understanding.

    If you have not done so already, checkout Dr. Renita Weems, Listening for God:A Minister's Journey Through Silence and Doubt

  7. Oh My Goodness, Star your testimony blessed my soul. I spoke to you on the Tom Joyner Cruise and I told you about me having the GB surgery. My date is scheduled for Aug 5th but somethings took place that might hinder my surgery and I became discouraged and down. By reading your testimony today reminded me that I trust God for everything and he has never failed me. You are a beautiful sister and I pray that God continues to bless you because your are an inspiration to many and you are definitly doing his will. Please excuse any grammatical errors because I am so full while writing this. I am so glad that we are God's children. love you sis
    Tracie Jackson

  8. As always you come with an on time word. Thanks for doing what you do and blessing me with your daily trials and tribulations Soror! Be blessed.

  9. Thank you for sharing your faith. God is using you (in cyberspace, no less)to witness to those who may not know the Lord.


  10. What a beautiful message!

  11. Thank you Star for being transparent with us..being REAL, you can't find many people today who will just be open and honest and human...thanks for sharing! Ms. Lisa

  12. Thank you Star for the uplifting message.

  13. Hi Star:

    Love the new pictures. Thanks for the great messages, I have to be more diligent in reading every day.

  14. Thanks Star for this message today. It hit a nerve. When I lost my job in April I think people expected me to be in a funk, but you know what I said it is a blessing in disguise! After listening to my pastor's messages on Sunday, I feel God is giving me a much needed mental break from my daily grind of being a full-time working mommy, taking care of 2 kids, and all the other drama of running a household..... This is my favorite time of the year and I feel God has blessed me so I can stop and smell the roses! I have used this time to find out my purpose and how to use the gifts I am blessed with.

  15. OMG I needed to read that today

  16. Thank for this it brought tears to my eyes I love the Lord He heard myh cry!

  17. This posting really did help me... help me put things back into perspective as I have been feeling kinda down lately. We really do need to remain faithful even when we're feeling down.


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