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Wonderful Wednesday: Change has come

The 2008 Presidential election was significant in so many ways. For the first time in the history of our country, an intelligent, well-educated, elegant and articulate man...who happened to be African-American...was elected President. He was faced with more challenges than any President since Abraham Lincoln, yet in his first six months in office; he is attacking each and every issue with the same diligence, ingenuity, steadfastness and discipline that got him elected in the first place. From fighting wars in two places, to an economic crisis that has sent the world into recession, to the battle to provide universal health care (...the moral imperative of this generation), to keeping the nation safe and secure; he has taken it all on.

Lest I become complacent, I've come to expect him to do things like nominate the first Latina woman to the United States Supreme Court and step right into a situation that then requires a real discussion on race; he has outdone himself over the past few months in the role he played (and didn't play) in getting journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee released from detention in North Korea.

Whenever people question whether or not "change" has really come to Washington...I think we can all reflect on this day..President Obama showed no ego, yet great leadership by allowing quiet dignified diplomacy and the help of others with experience to work for HIM! And he didn't have to give up anything...except the spotlight.

By making the release of these journalists a separate and distinct humanitarian priority rather than allowing their plight to be linked to a larger and more onerous political debate; he changed the discussion, re-directed the dialogue and got the result he wanted all along. By allowing his Secretary of State to do her job with the assistance of a well-respected leader and diplomat (who happens to be her husband and our former President); President Obama continues to fulfill his promise. It will not be business as usual.

Rarely do you see a politician table their own ego for the sake of those they were elected to serve. I'm so glad change has come...

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  1. I absolutely love your blog rules consider them STOLEN! (Ok well a better word would be borrowed or adopted! I would HOPE that you would "table your ESQ-ness" and give a sister the benefit of the doubt. hahahahaha)

    Seriously, you hit the nail on the head with this one! It's refreshing to see such an esteemed top ranking (the TOP) government official humble themselves for the greater good. Bravo, Mr. President! And of course, JOB WELL DONE to Mr. and Mrs. Clinton.

    You know, I feel compelled to give a pat on the back to Kim Jong Il. The ball was in his court and he is not known for having "plays well with others" checked on his report card! Yet, he did the right thing ... he listened to his GOD and followed his heart.

    Lesson: Never give up on someone, they can always turn things around for the better...In GOD's time. Mustard Seed Faith!!

    A huge ENCORE to you, Ms. Jones!
    Keep the positive vibes flowing ... We need this type of rain!

    Tammala Baszile
    "The Fierce Diva Stomping the "Runway" that leads to the DEMISE of Teen Dating Violence...WALK!"


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