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Tell it Like It Is Thursday: Consistent Fairness...

I'm sure many of us read the story about the four women in Wisconsin who allegedly lured, held, beat and tortured a man in a motel room after finding out he was cheating on his wife (one of the women charged) with several other women (some of the women charged). As the print and broadcast media reported the story, the salacious details of how this man (disgusting he may be) had his private parts glued to his stomach during the incident had reporters and talk show hosts chuckling at the thought. Well think about this...

How would we feel if four men had lured, held, beat and tortured a woman in a motel room; regardless of what she had done and how many times she had done it? Would we snicker if these men glued her private parts together? Somehow I don't think we would we find it as funny.

Using violence connected with sex should never be a laughing matter as allegations of Sexual Assault are and should be treated seriously; regardless of the gender of the one being assaulted.


  1. I totally agree with you. Violence is violence.

  2. I tell you what your right but we have reduced men to a joke for years, men are dogs, and women are the greatest. I find it very stupid with what took place as a solution to our problems men and women. We have kids missing, men dyding, women beatin, and yet we laugh at this. family is what we need to get back to, stop calling men and women names that there parents have not given them. Sad but he will be mad and god knows he may never recover. @Good Fathers Only


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