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Serves You Right

Stick a fork in him...he's done.

If Mel Gibson knew audio tapes of his abusive violent diatribes existed...he should have written a PREEMPTIVE check to his ex girlfriend in an effort to "plug the leak!" The "dribble" of negative information has made his life the BP of the celebrity set and it is KILLING him. A lot has been made of his use of racially charged language; I'm more outraged by his misogynistic abusive language.  My girl Whoopi says he's not a racist...& since I don't know him...I'll go with her on that. I don't know what fuels his anger, whether he was set up with these conveniently taped conversations with his ex or if the audio tapes were edited.  I do know that I don't want Mel at my dinner party drinking up my liquor...('cause he obviously LIKES his liquor) because he just seems to be an angry mean man.  

I like to think somewhere Robyn, his soon to be ex-wife, is laughing her ass off.  Mel left her after nearly 3 decades and seven children for a woman who helped put him in the proverbial trick bag.  Serves him right.  This should serve as today's lesson for these "high profile" fellas...YOU WILL be put in TRICK BAG when you choose TRICKY chicks.

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