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Roman Polanski: Crazy never takes a day off...

Please, someone tell me what would possess any reasonably sane individual to rise in defense of a man who at 44 years old, admitted having sex with a 13-year-old child? Is my moral compass off so much that it is now acceptable to
admit to sexual acts with children? Should you be given a "pass" because you absconded from the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system 30 years ago because you thought you were going to have to go to jail?

I'm sorry Hollywood, I got my legal training in Texas and my practical experience in Brooklyn and where I come from, when a grown ass man has sexual intercourse with a 13 year old little girl, whether it's 3 days, 3 months or 30 yrs's called RAPE. Whether she was "experienced", a "virgin", or a victoria secret model in a's called RAPE. Whether the victim forgives the assailant, doesn't want him to go to jail or saw his latest's called RAPE. Whether he is a school bus driver, a priest, a teacher or a world class director...people, it is called RAPE.

The fact that anyone has to explain this, argue this or even entertain the discussion is absolutely ludicrous. I know the victim has had to carry this burden for 30 years and wants the case dropped so she can put this whole sordid event behind her...but sorry, she isn't the only one a criminal case is about. She may have been satisfied with time and a civil settlement; but justice has not been served and society needs to know that this is wrong.

Thirty years ago, Roman Polanski pled guilty in open court to having had "unlawful sexual intercourse" with a girl who was not his wife that he "knew to be 13 years old" at the time; and that was the lowest level sex crime in the indictment. The original allegations and subsequent grand jury testimony of the young girl as to what happened is so wasn't released to the public until years later. Not to obscure this debate with facts...but this young girl told the court and authorities that Polanski gave her champagne, drugs, took nude photos, got in the jacuzzi naked with her & performed oral, vaginal & anal sex on a 13-year-old.

If that is not "rape, rape", then I have sent a bunch of folk to jail in my former career as a prosecutor for a hell of a lot less.

Am I advocating that Roman Polanski be jailed or sent to prison for these crimes? Actually I'm not.

Subsequent information has come to light to suggest that his legal team has valid arguments for misconduct, abuse of process and serious grounds for dismissal of the original charges in the interest of justice. I'm in total favor of Polanski exposing the alleged misconduct of the judge & probably having the charges dismissed because of it. But he chose to live all these years as a fugitive and now that he has been caught, he must face the ramifications of all his actions...just like any other person.

Polanski is not above the law, the warrant is still valid, the case is still pending and there are legal procedures that should be followed. Bring him back to the US, allow him to make the arguments for dismissal and decide the case on the facts and the law.

Now "Hollywood" is coming out in support of Roman Polanski trying to apply pressure to the DA's office to drop the case. That is mind boggling to me especially given the comments Roman Polanski made in an interview soon after he left the US for France that were recently unearthed by another journalist. The Telegraph's Michael Deacon dug up an explosive interview that Polanski gave to the novelist Martin Amis in 1979, that included the following quote:

"If I had killed somebody, it wouldn't have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But … fucking, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to fuck young girls. Juries want to fuck young girls. Everyone wants to fuck young girls!" [Telegraph UK]

Let's give him another Oscar!

I recently read the story of a 12 year old little girl who is pregnant down in North Carolina, other than my utter sadness at the sentence I just had to write...if it comes out that her child was fathered by a 44 year old man who babysat her...will we be ok with that?

What about Jaycee Duggard. She was kidnapped at 11 years old & raped repeatedly over 18 years & now has children by her assailant...aren't we prosecuting him? Don't we want this pervert under the jail? Suppose Jaycee said, "it's ok...I love him now...I forgave him years ago"...How would society feel?

Don't we go after abusive priests years after molesting kids?

I'm just asking questions that should make us think about the ramifications of accepting & dismissing deviant behavior when it comes to the abuse of children. Honestly, there is an elite angle to this story that really bothers me. My friend, anthropologist and sociologist Dr. Marc Lamont Hill asked me "I wonder how long Spike Lee would've been allowed to chill in France on a charge like this." That actually made me laugh out loud because if Spike Lee has done some skullduggery like one would be rallying behind him...unless they had a rope!

Why, you ask, is my heart heavy about this case? Because I can't help but remember the story I covered of young Genarlow Wilson from Georgia who at 17 years old was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in state prison for having consensual sex with a 15 year old girl. Wilson was an honor student, a football star and his high school's homecoming king before his conviction. The young girl, her parents and the videotape of the incident all said it was consensual; but the law said it was a crime and the sentence for this felony charge in Georgia was 10 years...mandatory.

Something tells me that Genarlow too knew he was probably going to get screwed over by the justice system before, during and after the trial; but he didn't have a passport, a plane ticket or a European chalet to escape to.

The Georgia law was ultimately changed, but it was not made retroactive to include Genarlow Wilson and he had to serve more than two years of his sentence until the Georgia Supreme Court finally stepped in to right this true injustice. Genarlow was released from prison two years ago this month and is now a student in college...and doing very well.

Who knows...maybe after the famous movie director is finally returned to the US and confronted with American justice, he and his Hollywood friends might want to consider doing a film about Crime, Justice and the American Way...based on a true victim, Genarlow Wilson.


  1. STAR..I too, am with you on the way this Director's story is glorified in a sense that america is becoming desensitized to such acts of crimes against children. Then again, do we look at the black & white, rich & poor facts. We need change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The fact that the victim is coming out in support of the case being dropped does bother me.

    I can understand she wants her life not to be defined by this thing that happened to her when she was a child, but the bigger picture is that Polanski must meet his due. Like you said, the society at large has to know that absconding for many, many years doesn't negate the judicial process.

    Polanski must be held accountable to his own testimony of raping a child. That's point blank and period. Other discussions, as you pointed out also, are moot.

  3. Star, Thank you for just stating the truth of the matter. I am outraged that people, and "Hollywood" would come and rally in support of such a monster. And shame on Whoopi for saying that was not "rape, rape". What does that even mean when referencing a 13 year old girl. I was completely dissappointed with her comment. We should learn to be very careful what we dismiss and excuse in our American society because our younger generations are watching and our country's moral fiber is thinning out. Please continue to voice your opinion with such honesty and moral values.

  4. Thank you Star for being the voice of reason and good common sense. I wish your point of view would get half as much attention as Whoopi Goldberg's ridiculous opinion.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to address this subject so thoughtfully, Star. By using your education and experience to put this all in the proper perspective, perhaps you can mange to inform the thinking of certain celebrities out there who are attempting to discuss this case and influence people's thinking about the matter when they have not bothered to learn the facts of the case or familiarize themselves with the law. There is no such thing as a 13 year-old consenting to sex and there is no such thing as "rape-rape." Some people seem to be blinded by "celebrity" and are forgetting this. Thanks for reminding them.

  6. Amen an amen again

  7. Thank you, Star, for giving the clearest explanation I have yet seen of this situation and why it is so wrong to "support" RP in this.

  8. I'm an atheist, but I have to say,"Amen!" to this blog entry. I was raped around the same age and I couldn't imagine the guy getting the support Hollywood has given Polanski. I guess things are different when a rapist works at IHOP.

  9. Dear Star,
    Thank you for your insightful explanation. I agree with you completely. I truly wish your expertise was on the VIEW panel. I get so outraged when I listen to nonsense being spewed on the panel. They truly should read before hand the topics and have a lawyer on hand for such legal references. Keep up the good work.

  10. Actually the moral compass of the world is off. Sad to say it but I think there will be a day when men will be able to have sex with 13 years olds. We are headed that way. (God forbid) It's just sick.

  11. Dear Ms Jones,i have to say that yr point is so right,
    when somebody is melasting/raping child (underage)it is pouling and quite unacceptable even though are you celebrity or just ordinary face in the crowd. Although victim want not to punish Mr Polansky anymore, it is not right, because we have to give a good example to children that raping is not acceptable, were you adult or underage,girl or boy, woman or man! Thank you yr expertees for this case and if we are comparing Genarlow Wilson to Mr.Polansky, it is not the same thing at all, 17 yrs/15 yrs and 44 yrs/13 yrs, but G. Wilson was not a famous that time as you pointed out so clearly.
    To me it was a big surprise to hear that Ms.Goldberg have said so! Because as you said it very strongly in this case

  12. Wow...thanks for that dose of truth. I read about this post on

  13. Dear Star - Just about when I thought the entire world was going bat-ass crazy - I found your blog! Thank you for being a bright spot of common sense and integrity! You're my new "Favorite" to follow!

  14. Star:

    I agree with you entirely, but I have been bothered by the lack of attention to the fact that Polanski fled the country, and fleeing in and of itself was a crime. If we say "it's OK to drop a case because it's old news now" due to someone fleeing jurisdiction, what sort of message are we sending?


  15. Star--thanks for the post, great and love your perspective from the legal profession. BTW found your blog as this post was mentioned by a someone on the Rosie 'O blog

  16. Star, I found my way to your blog from Thank you for sharing your thoughts and as usual you are dead on the money. Hollywood celebs tend to forget it's not his "Art" that raped this child, his criminal actions are!

    Thanks for posting and I hope you will be on Rosie's new radio show!! That would be fantastic.

  17. Bravo Ms Jones! Bravo!

  18. Yes, Yes, Yes....boy does time dull the memory of things...what are people thinking that support this is disturbing and the whole thing with Genarlow bothered me from the start....teenage boyfriend and girlfriend are a far cry from a 44 yr old man and 13 year old girl he gave drugs and alcohol and sodomized!! Hollywood people are so cliquish and have such double standards!! Good job, Star

  19. Star,
    I can hear your voice as I read your writing. You speak the truth, and thanks for saying it!

  20. Good there anybody that you know that could publish your entire post in a mainstream publication? It is SPOT ON! What the hell is happening here? She was 13 for cripes sake. I don't care if she threw herself at him...he was a man, she was a child.

    The one question that I have not seen anywhere and is the first thing that comes to my mind many OTHER 13 year olds has he done this to?? A leopard doesn't change his spots.

  21. I sat listening to Whoopi say, It wasn't rape, rape."
    Well said, Star.

  22. BRAVO, Star! You said it all and I agree 100%. Thank you

  23. I've aways admired how articulate and intelligent you are Star

    After reading those comments he gave in an interview, one has to wonder how many other YOUNG girls he's RAPED

    It's amazing that CNN keeps referring to his charge as sex with a minor. Ummm, he drugged her and violated her, that's RAPE no matter how you slice it

    Whether the victim is over it or not, she owes it to the next victim of Polanski's to have his heiny prosecuted to the fullest extent. I thought that's what our justice system was about? Punishment for his actions and hopefully sparing someone else the same traumatic, horrible experience

    Hollywood is truly amazing

    They wanted Michael Vick's head on a platter for his misdeeds, however they are rallying behind a self-admitted rapist and fugitive

    What is the standard and who sets it?

    He has no respect for our judicial system or laws and should atone for his actions whether its 3 or 30 years later

    This is a no-brainer

  24. Star,
    Your article on the Polanski ordeal is fascinating and very informative. You brought to light many details of the case that I was unaware of. (Such as the type of sexual activity and Polanski's disturbing interview quotes from 1979.)

    You have a gift for writing and investigating. I hope to see you on TV again soon- You would be ideal as a reporter on Dateline, Primetime, 20/20, or 48 Hours.

    btw, I also found out about this blog on

  25. Your commentary is right on the money, Star.
    I'm shocked at those performers in Hollywood who are supporting RP on this. Hope more people raise their voices as you have. Thanks.

  26. Polansky is a pervert and should go to jail.
    Thanks Star for telling it like should be...

  27. Your argument has totally turned me around on this issue. I agree with you. It's the most sober accounting of the issues I've read. Kudos to you.

  28. thank you for writing exactly what i've been thinking! i am in absolute shock about hollywood coming out in support of rp. blows my mind.

  29. Amen! How anyone in Hollywood could support this rapist is beyond me. Well, we already know Woody Allen is one taco short of a combination plate. This guy slept with his wife's adopted daughter then marries her. Because Polanski was a Holocaust survivor and won an Oscar, we shoudl forget he raped a child? WTF?

  30. As others have stated, I too am in shock at how Hollywood has come out in support of Polanski. It's unfathomable the level of status he's been elevated to just because he's a celebrity. I also don't think he fully understands what he has done, or what message it gives. In his mind, he's done no wrong. As well, I remember all too well the case of Genarlow, and thank you for bringing it to the minds of people. We really need to wake up as a society and get our priorities straight.

  31. Your blog post; whilst well-written; is just common sense and morality; something sorely lacking in our society when we see so many rapist sympathizers. I find it unconscionable that any rapist would receive support simply because he is famous and considered gifted by so many. The time that has passed does not make him less of a rapist.

    How come there were so few supporters of pedophile priests? How come there was more outrage over animals being abused than a girl being drugged, raped and sodomized. Priorities hug?

  32. Great post Star!

    Where were/are this girl's parents? I have not seen anyone discuss them.

  33. Leaves one to wonder why the numbers of human trafficking are among the highest here in the U.S. Things that make you go hmmm....

  34. Star, you are not advocating that Roman Polanski be jailed or sent to prison for these crimes? Are you tripping? This is absurd and the antithesis of the sentiment you seemed to express in your piece. So what are you suggesting? Should be bar him from ice cream after dinner? I guess you be ok, with a 44 year old weasel giving your 13 year old daughter shots of Vodka to wash down Quaaludes with, prior to him bear backing her in the ass? Star, shame on you! You said you read the kids testimony, right? She was conned over to his house thinking she was going to have a model shoot. Think about it, a rich famous guy, big mansion and a girl about to start high school, thinking this was her big lucking break to become a famous model/actor. To think, it acceptable for a 44yr old piece of garbage, low life punk, would even consider using this scam on a 13 year old kid is disgusting. Star, go back and reread the cop’s interview, as well as, the kid’s testimony and put and analyze her verbiage, speech patterns etc., and make and then use your experience as an attorney to discern her character. It is clear that: she is not from the street, was not a party- beyond her years- banger babe and was a kid who wasn’t even hip to the common lingo used by the party kids of the time, who were in their late teens and early twenties.
    It turns my stomach to imagine a 44 year old man, saying the things he did to this kid? Polanski asked her, “When was her last period?” This is not cool, or something a smooth lady’s man would partake in. The kid even brought with her, homemade modeling pictures, taken by her friends at school to show him. In addition, she wore what she considered her best outfit. In the mean timer, this loser, pervert sicko was playing on her dreams. To invite a child to his mansion, under the guise of making her famous; then call her to the back of the house when she arrived, while he was buck naked in the Jacuzzi; and then to get out of the water, to grab and calm her with hug her (like a father) as she was trying to leave (obviously due to he being shocked).... is egregious and plain disgusting. This prick millionaire has had a wonderful millionaire’s life. Screw him. I know if this girl was my kid that Polanski would be begging to only go to jail.

    It’s understandable that the girl, now a woman in her forties, would want to drop it. I don’t know of anyone who would want to put the spot light of something of this nature, which occurred over three decades ago. However, this means nothing. PEOPLE, POLANSKI PLED GUILTY AND FLED THE COUNTRY WHILE OUT ON BAIL WAITING TO BE SENTENCED!
    What kind of message would be sent, letting him get away with it? If you have big money and are able to split the jurisdiction that’s ok? Please!

  35. I have never been to your blog until I heard about it on Entertainment Tonight. I completely agree with your comments about Mr Polanski. I have been hoping for years that he would be arrested and jailed. I was so happy to hear that he was arrested! When you used the word "entitlement" I was compelled to write to you. I believe that is the key. His sense of entitlement protected him...thankfully not forever. That feeling of entitlement is a huge problem from young kids expected everything from their parents to adults who expect the world to do all the work while they sit back and reap the benefits. Thanks Star! Rebecca

  36. Star thank you for speaking up. I think this man should pay for what he did. Michael Jackson was rich but black and he didn't stand a chance. If people would do their research they will see all the evidence; they would see that he was a target and people where after him solely for his money. Michael was arrested, charged and found not guilty. What this innocent man endured was tragic and no one should ever have to go through what he had to. The media and court of public opinion killed Michael – but Hollywood is standing behind Polanski the rapist. What kind a society are we living in? This guy should not have been able to escape justice for 30 years.

  37. As someone with a foot in both the legal and show biz world you have spoken clearly and rationally about this situation. Why is common sense in such short supply in Hollywood? Why do they complain that he is such a humanitarian and genius that no one should dare hold him accountable? The average citizen in America is sitting back and shaking their head at the "elite class" and their double standard, all while holding their hands out asking for our hard earned dollars.

  38. Thank you Star for standing up for what is the TRUTH!

    Justice is not always what it seems and I would like to see Roman Polanski expose the truth about the case and he can only do that by maning up and face the judicial system here in the U.S.

    You have great courage Star.

  39. Star, after growing up in the sixties, I learned that the worst racists in this world are not the white supremacist groups; it is the millions of white people who engage in racist behavior everyday without knowing it. After earning an "A" in a typing class at a predominantly white university, the white teacher asked me if I did that well in all of my classes. Would he have asked a white student that question? If you point this our their defense is, "you're playing the race card". My response to that is "gin". To even think that being white had nothing to do with Hollywood's acceptance of Polanski, you would have to be racist or ignorant. With all things equal except race, would Hollywood rally around a black man who raped a 13 year-old white girl? Not even today.

  40. Hi Star,

    I stayed up late after seeing the weekend Insider's replay of your comments. Thank you for being the one person of reason in Hollywood to say what needs to be said regarding this matter. And to have the courage and strength not to back down about the racist reality of the situation. Despite America now having a Black man as President, there still exists two worlds for Blacks and Whites and two worlds for the poor and wealthy. However, even a wealthy Black man would not be given the same pass or support for any crime, particularly this one. The double-standard of racism in America is alive and well. America and Hollywood doesn't want to hear the ugly truth, even from the President. So, stay strong. The struggle continues! Keep speaking the truth! Many thanks!

  41. star, i saw part of your interview on "access hollywood" regarding the roman polanski dustup...all i can say is, good for you

    you're just voicing what so many of us people of color already know about the justice system

    and for caucasian americans and others to just pretend that issues of race, class and priveledge aren't real is just ridiculous

    thanks for speaking the truth, and continue to stick to your convictions, and tell the truth; no matter how ugly it can be, or how uncomfortable some can be to hear it

  42. Dear Star

    I am so impressed with you. It is so pleasing that there are celebrities out there that actually do have a moral compass and condemn what this man (and I use the term lightly, because no man would do what he did) did. You go girl. Good on you for speaking your mind.

  43. Very well written, Star. The Bible says that in the last days, people will call good evil and evil good. I stand amazed at what people are swallowing these days. Thanks for writing this!



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