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Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships are like broken glass.
It’s better to leave them broken...
than hurt yourself trying to fix it.


  1. I have given myself "permission" to alleviate toxic people from my friend list.

    I am not even sure how they got there in the first place!

    Talk about taking a load is great to let the toxins move on to another person that is willing to let them in :)

  2. seriously, this is a profound statement. so many toxic people out there trying to steal, kill, and destroy. 'can't negotiate with terrorists' i always say...

  3. Soror Jones.....Your words spoke to my heart, My mom who is a Golden Soror said to me that you can not fix toxic people, sometimes you must walk away. Those words freed me and allowed more joy in my own life and increased energy to be a part of healthy relationships.

  4. I would agree with the profoundness of this statement but how do you deal with toxic family members?

  5. These words could NOT be truer. This is a letter that I sent last week to my friends and family members:

    Sometimes, in Life you have to stop and evaluate the Friendships that you have built. Some friendships are the kind that you can compare to a good blanket, always there to keep you warm and covered. Never asking for much but always there. Then there are some friendships that are like an old pair of shoes, you know that you should throw them away but can't because they have been with you for a while. However, they have soles that need to be replaced, too tight and you can't polish them because they don't make that same color of shoe polish. You move them with you, throw them in the back of your closet, put them in the attic and then have to move them to the basement.

    When you go to finally start throwing away things that are no longer of value to you: you sit and really assess the value of them. When you get to the part where the shoes have always hurt your feet and that by keeping them, it's only harmful to you (maybe possibly even your health) You take that DEEP SIGH. You walk the shoes over to the garbage can,they can't even be recycled,toss them and close the lid.

    I've had to just recently do this with what I mistook for a "Friendship" after more than 22 years. Friendship isn't always easy,about give,superiority or jealously. It should be a bond out of Mutual Respect (thxs, Nikki), Disagreements to break up and make up (thxs,Kisha) , Do or Die (Thxs,Puddin*both of you*) and just true LOVE( thxs, Nikki, Kisha, Italia,Aungie,Tameka,Bunny,Tonya).

    We ALL, have a lot of friends and acquaintances in our lives. We have family members,who are friends (Sunshine,Aisha,Alea,Tonya,Gena,Keshia,Kelly) and friends who are family members(My Sistahs). It's the people who are receiving this email, that I say to GOD/ALLAH every morning "Thank You".

    SimplyCeruti- The Best things in Life are Simple!
    "Learning is either a continuing thing or it is nothing."-Frank Tyger

  6. I'm just catching up on my blog I follow. During a conversation today with my girlfriend I just mentioned how toxic relationships will strip you of everything. It is time to clean house before the new year.

  7. I love this statement so much. I have said this to myself for years! Plus I have lived by it. Thank you for posting this.


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